Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service?

The Privacy Policy can be found here. The Terms of Service can be found here.


Can I use music that I purchase on GoBuyBeats anywhere? What rights are granted to me when I lease or exclusively buy music?

Your usage rights depend on the type of licensing agreement you have. To view your licensing rights, log into your account, and go to the "Downloads" page. Then, click "View License" to review your licensing usage details.

How many licensing agreements exist?

It depends on the various pricing models selected by the producer / seller. Generally, there is at least one license type for each pricing model. See below for more details on licenses.

What is a "Free Download" license?

A "Free Download" license grants users:

    What is a Basic "For Lease Download" license?

    A Basic "For LeaseDownload" license grants users:

      What is an "Exclusive Download" license?

      An "Exclusive Download" license grants users: